Merchant Cash Advance In Rochester, NY

There are a number of challenges facing Rochester, NY businesses when trying to secure funding through traditional lending channels. Often, traditional lenders have prohibitively high requirement, and taking out loans places debt on the balance sheets, which in turn prohibits growth. In order to provide flexibility and affordable financing, Resolute Commercial Capital offers Merchant Cash Advances to Rochester, NY business owners.

The Advantages Of Merchant Cash Advances In Rochester, NY

Traditional bank loans are designated for a specific purpose. Commercial real estate loans are designed to acquire new facilities. Equipment loans are geared toward machinery acquisitions and upgrades. When funding from traditional loans is used for purposes outside of their intended use, businesses risk being in breach of the loan contract. A merchant cash advance is not marked for any specific use, so Rochester, NY businesses can use MCAs for real estate, inventory, equipment, hiring additional employees, rolling our new products, or anything else the company requires to get to the next stage of development. A merchant cash advance from Resolute Commercial Capital provides the necessary funding to complete a number of tasks simultaneously, including:

  • Meeting payroll
  • Reducing existing debt
  • Business growth
  • Upgrading equipment
  • Restocking inventory and supplies
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Paying down suppliers and vendors

The Flexibility Of Merchant Cash Advances In Rochester, NY

Traditional lending channels lock Rochester entrepreneurs into rigid payment schedule, which can be rather prohibitive during light sales periods. Using a merchant cash advance from Resolute Commercial Capital offers flexibility. Our merchants cash advance program gives Rochester, NY business owners flexibility by taking payment from a percentage of credit card transactions, so there is no budgeting to eating into capital reserves to repay funding.

Zero Debt

A merchant cash advance from Resolute Commercial Capital does not force Rochester, NY business owners to assume any debt. Entrepreneurs in Rochester, NY can preserve credit ratings and get the funding they require to take thing to the next level. Our merchant cash advances do not require any collateral, so businesses can keep their assets and leverage those for additional financing, as needed. Our merchant cash advances are designed to help Rochester, NY business owners keep their projects on track without getting bogged down by debt and stringent payment schedules.

Merchant Cash Advances Have No Prepayment Fees

At Resolute Commercial Capital, we recognize that growth is the key to success for small businesses. With traditional lenders, paying off the balance of a loan to eliminate debt triggers prepayment penalties, which can inhibit business growth. Our merchant cash advances do not penalize Rochester, NY businesses to achieving success. If your business is in a position to repay our advance ahead of schedule, we will not levy any extra fees or penalties. We believe in nurturing growth, which is why we do not charge any extra fees for those businesses that want to repay our merchant cash advances early.

Get The Best Merchant Cash Advance In Rochester, NY 

Resolute Commercial Capital offers the best merchant cash advances in Rochester, NY. Contact our offices today for a no-obligation consultation. We will work with you directly to structure a financing solution, which is tailored to your business needs.