Merchant Cash Advance In Buffalo, NY

For new and small business owners in Buffalo, NY securing adequate financing can pose a number of challenges. Traditional lenders, such as banks, have high entry requirements for even the most basic loan plans. Other times, business owners in Buffalo, NY want to sidestep traditional loans completely, because taking on additional debt would hinder growth. For these reasons, Resolute Commercial Capital provide merchant cash advances in Buffalo, NY.

What Is A Merchant Cash Advance? 

A merchant cash advance gives Buffalo, NY entrepreneurs the working capital they need without placing any unnecessary debt on the balance sheets. Merchant cash advances also offer flexible payments, rather than locking Buffalo, NY business owners into payments schedules.

The Benefits Of Merchant Cash Advances In Buffalo, NY 

Unlike traditional bank loans, which have singular purposes, merchant cash advances in Buffalo, NY offer working capital for diverse uses. There was a time when businesses in need of capital for real estate would take out business real estate loans. If a company needed new equipment, there were equipment loans, and so on. Using money from those loans for other purposes would place entrepreneurs in danger of breaching the agreement with the bank. Getting a merchant cash advance in Buffalo, NY gives business owners a multipurpose source of capital which can be used to complete a number of projects and obligations, such as:

  • Business growth
  • Equipment upgrades
  • Restocking supplies and inventory
  • Meeting payroll
  • Paying down existing debt
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Making payments to suppliers and vendors

Getting A Merchant Cash Advance In Buffalo, NY Offers Flexibility

Banks and other traditional lending institutions lock businesses into strict payment schedules with loan agreements. By using a merchant cash advance in Buffalo, NY from Resolute Commercial Capital, business owners get the flexibility they require for sustained growth. Instead of budgeting for monthly payments, which can really eat into revenue during light sales periods, a merchant cash advance is repaid from a small percentage of credit card transactions. The repayment method gives business owners the flexibility they require, so they can grow and pull in revenue without feeling the strain from flat monthly payments.

No Prepayment Penalties

Traditional business loans have payment schedules, and anyone who attempts to pay ahead of that schedule is hit with hefty fees. However, it makes sense that if your business is doing well, you should be able to clear off the remaining balance and not get held back by remaining interest payments. By using a merchant cash advance in Buffalo, NY, business owners are not hindered by prepayment penalties. We believe that if your business is successful, it should be allowed to thrive and flourish, rather than being fettered by unnecessary charges.

The Best Merchant Cash Advances In Buffalo, NY

Resolute Commercial Capital is committed to providing the best merchant cash advance solutions in Buffalo, NY. If your business needs working capital, but also requires the freedom and flexibility that cannot be found with traditional loans, contact our offices.