Proven Leader in Healthcare Financing

healthcare-financingAt Resolute Commercial Capital, our professionals work diligently to provide loans to doctors, veterinarians, chiropractors, and dentists. We can offer your practice improvement loans, equipment financing, expansion funding, and much more. As a leading specialty lender with decades of healthcare and medical financing experience, we understand the unique needs of your industry and provide the resources and support to help you navigate your path successfully.

Healthcare Practice and Working Capital Solutions

The practice loans we extend to medical professionals is available for use as you prefer to improve your practice. With terms to 72 months, no upfront payments, and no personal credit bureau reporting, Resolute Commercial Capital can work with you to reach your practice aims. The proceeds of healthcare financing can be used for almost any purpose, including personal obligations. Our working capital financing solutions can also be used as follows:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Practice acquisitions
  • Medical equipment leasing

Our extensive array of capabilities and products translates into confidence and fulfillment for you and indicates our long-term dedication to the healthcare industry.

Take the Next Step

With a full suite of medical financing programs and professional expertise to support your particular needs, we will help you create a prosperous and growing practice. Contact Resolute Commercial Capital today to learn more about healthcare financing and working capital solutions.