Premier Consumer Financing Industry Solutions

consumer-financing-programAt Resolute Commercial Capital, our novel strategy enables us to offer a consumer finance program customized for any industry that sells a service or product under $10,000. With our program, lost sales are minimized while your bottom line is maximized.

Benefits of Our Program

Extending financing to your customers provides you with a competitive edge over other businesses in the industry. Consumer financing is a straightforward approach for your customers to buy what they want immediately instead of just what they can afford. In fact, we’ve helped myriad businesses launch successful credit card programs that provide quick responses and decisions, offer exceptional support and service, and provide the tools to grow your business. Benefits include:

  • Huge upselling tool
  • Not based on credit scores
  • Up to 60 percent approval rates
  • No finance fees to your business
  • Receive the full amount of the sale
  • Your customers get their products or services immediately

Our consumer finance programs are intended to satisfy the requirements of businesses in diverse markets, so your customers and business will profit from the program features.

Get on the Path to Success Today

With our flexible underwriting, you will reach the customers you would otherwise miss and increase profits simultaneously. To find out more about our consumer finance program, contact the experts at Resolute Commercial Capital today.