Where Service Businesses Can Find Customers

Finding new customers for your service business doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, there are several reputable and reliable methods for gaining the attention of new clients. Below are five ways you can find new customers.

1. Advertise

Advertising is a sure way to gain new clients, particularly if you have a strong online presence. Many potential customers will search online for new products, services, and businesses, so make sure your company has a working and aesthetically pleasing website, engages in social media advertising, and utilizes search engine optimization articles.

2. Use Social Media

To piggy-back off of the previous point, your business should engage in social media to find new customers. Social media is not just posting photographs or opinions; it can also be a great place to network and make business connections online. Through social media you can engage in new business relationships too.

3. Network During Free Time

Life is busy and filled with events, activities, and celebrations. Finding new customers through personal networking is a great way to use your free time more productively with very little effort. Service industries are all about people skills, after all, so use your communications skills constantly throughout your day to day life. You may be surprised how many new clients will enjoy a conversation with you and then go on to give you their business.

4. Utilize Personal Relationships

Friends and family may be happy to recommend your company to their extended family and their friends too. After all, there is no harm in asking for assistance. Word of mouth advertising is free, so why not take a little advantage of your loved one’s belief in you to find new customers. You could also recommend yourself to those family members who don’t use your products or services yet.

5. Use a Referral System

Many successful companies find new customers through a referral system. Existing clients can be offered incentives for their help in making referrals to your company. New customers will need to fill out some type of form (online or in person) for you to accurately and fairly offer this type of program to existing customers. Word of mouth referrals work wonders for expanding a customer base.

Gaining new customers is just the start of maintaining a successful company. You will need to cultivate customer loyalty and belief in your products, so no matter how you find new customers, make sure your service is always impeccable.


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