How to Help Your Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance

The topic of work-life balance receives more and more attention from the corporate world with each year. When workers feel a strong sense of balance between their office and home lives, they are more likely to be happy and productive. Companies that develop incentives for their employees to enjoy a healthy work-life balance are more attractive to qualified candidates and experience higher retention rates. Below are 4 ways you can help your employees achieve a healthy balance.

Childcare Services

Workers with children often think about their children while they’re at the office. By offering some type of childcare assistance, you can remove one non-work worry from their minds. One easy option is to allow some flexibility in case a parent needs to pick up a sick child from school or watch his or her kids compete in a soccer tournament. A more comprehensive option is an on-site childcare facility that provides daycare or supervised after-school activities.

Quiet Spaces

When employees are stressed out or having a bad day, a quiet space where they can rest and regather themselves can improve their moods. Create a designated room where workers can retreat for a few moments and take advantage of the silence. A mental break can help a person regroup and refocus. Design the space with comfort in mind, using cozy furniture, pillows, and plants.

Gym Access

Working out is a great way to reduce stress and stay healthy, ultimately increasing productivity. Consider adding a fitness facility to your building so your employees have a convenient place to exercise. If this is not a viable option for you, explore discounted memberships at nearby gyms. You can also add a community engagement component to exercise by arranging a walk for charity or a baseball team.

Generous Vacation Time

Vacation is often a time to relax and recharge. Time away from the office can inspire creativity and a sense of rejuvenation. Offer generous vacation packages to your employees and encourage them to take advantage of their benefits. Many companies do this by implementing a “use it or lose it” policy, which gives vacation days an expiration date. Workers are more likely to take their vacation days if they know they will not last in perpetuity.

One final way to help your employees find a positive work-life balance is to act as a model. If the people you supervise see you staying at the office late every night and skipping family functions to squeeze in another hour of work, they may feel obligated to do the same. Be sure that those in management positions encourage employees to value their personal hobbies and obligations, and then watch as a productive environment flourishes.


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