Building a Better Business Environment: 3 Tips That Can Help

Did you know that the mood, morale, and productivity of your employees can be affected by your office environment? When workers are happy, they are also more effective. Below are 3 tips that can help you keep your valued team members satisfied in their positions and motivated to do their best.

Enhance the Environment

Your employees spend up to eight hours or more in the office, five days a week. A clean, aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere can have a remarkable effect on company morale and productivity. If possible, let a lot of sunshine into the office. During warm weather months, create a nice outdoor setting for workers to take breaks or eat lunch. Provide comfortable furniture, such as ergonomic chairs or desks that allow the option of sitting or standing. If possible, make room in your budget to allow employees to purchase small items that make them more comfortable. These items may include plants, artwork, or exercise balls. Also, give employees the freedom to personalize their spaces to avoid feeling like standard cogs in a wheel. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Bright, clean walls can do wonders for the appearance of the office and the mood of your team members.

Use Smart Human Resource Practices

It is not uncommon for a valued team member to leave a job due to an ineffective boss or a difficult co-worker. The last thing you want to do is keep a troublemaker at the expense of an excellent worker. When employees work with poisonous people for a long period of time, they often become poisonous themselves, adding to the negativity and further lowering morale. Do not be afraid to let a toxic person go; there are other qualified candidates for every position in your company. Your other team members, and likely even your clients, will thank you.

Focus on Communication

Communication between managers and employees can have a tremendous impact on the office environment. Be sure to reward good work with recognition. A congratulatory lunch or even a simple note of thanks can motivate a worker to continue putting forth his or her best effort. Tell your employees how their work contributes to the overall success of the company and they will feel valued and appreciated. Also, seek feedback from your employees on different projects, initiatives, and even hiring decisions. When employees have a hand in the decision-making, they feel a stronger ownership of the results.

By enhancing the office environment, making smart personnel decisions, and improving communication, you can develop a positive atmosphere conducive to good business. Follow these three easy tips to create a happier office.


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