5 Time Management Truths Every Entrepreneur Should Know

When you’re an entrepreneur, it can be easy to fall into poor time management habits. This is especially true if you work from home. There are constant interruptions and distractions throughout the day that can keep you from accomplishing your goals. Below are 5 tried and true methods for staying on track and moving forward.

Create a Better Checklist

Rather than just adding new tasks to the bottom of a never-ending to-do list, organize your checklist in a way that helps you work smarter. Group tasks by priority, putting the most important ones on top. Break each goal down into realistic steps that feel easier to achieve to keep from becoming overwhelmed. Give yourself one major goal each day and complete the tasks that will allow you to meet it.

Schedule Distractions

Instead of diverting your attention every time an unrelated distraction rears its ugly head, schedule some time during your day to address non-work issues. Your work and personal obligations will dictate how much time you should take, but you’ll want to complete as many personal tasks as you need to have a clear head when it’s time to focus on work again. So, give yourself a few minutes to check emails, walk the dog, and pay personal bills. You may even find yourself refreshed after the break and enthusiastic about getting back to business.

Find Your Zen

Calming down and taking time to relax can be difficult when your head is swimming with ideas and obligations. However, staying in the moment and enjoying simple hobbies can open your mind to creativity and leave you feeling balanced. Try a yoga class. Sit in quiet meditation on your couch. Take a walk through your favorite garden. You’ll feel less frazzled and more prepared to tackle that to-do list.

Strive For Imperfection

As an entrepreneur, you likely want every detail in its correct place. However, the idealization of perfection is counterintuitive to time management. It is more important to finish a task than to perpetually noodle with it in hopes of it becoming just right. There is such a thing as “good enough.”

Ask For Help

Many entrepreneurs have trouble delegating. When a project is your baby, it is hard to leave it in another person’s hands. However, if that person can complete an objective almost as well as you can yourself, then hand over the reins. You’ll free yourself up for more important tasks, not to mention some well-deserved downtime. You can always review the work later and make any changes you deem necessary.

Anyone can improve his or her time management skills by implementing a few smart practices. Keep your project moving forward by working and resting smarter.


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